Heidi Van Horn is a writer who takes lots of photographs.

She is co-author, with David Makaaha Kwon, a Hawaii inmate serving life without parole in the Virginia Department of Corrections, of House of David, a poetry manuscript about the individual experience of mass incarceration. She is also guest co-editor, with artist Maude Tanswai, of OXALIS Vol. 2: With/Stand, forthcoming from Drop Leaf Press in 2018.

Heidi received her BA in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley and her MFA in Poetry from San Francisco State University. She is an active juvenile justice advocate and serves as a youth justice mentor for the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice. During her tenure as assistant director of the UC Berkeley Public Service Center, she helped launch the university’s AmeriCorps program and oversaw a variety of student-initiated service-learning projects on and off campus. She has also co-clerked the diversity committee at the San Francisco Friends School and assisted the Criminal Justice Studies Program at San Francisco State University in developing a juvenile justice minor.

Heidi was born and raised in the Bay Area and has lived in France, Ecuador, and China. She lives in San Francisco with her three children.